DIY All Purpose Natural Spray Cleaner

Natural DIY Spray Cleaner all purpose essential oils- SWEET HAUTE

How to make DIY Natural Spray Cleaner!

Make your own cleaning products at home with natural ingredients. This Natural Spray Cleaner only needs 3 ingredients AND you probably already have them in your home! You can use this DIY Natural Spray Cleaner to replace any all purpose cleaner you have already in the home, it is a versatile product…multi-tasking, love it!

It is an excellent idea to make since natural cleaners are safe for your skin, your family, and your air quality. Have you ever dreaded daily chores because you didn’t want the harsh chemical to touch your skin {or just in general 🙂 }? I sure have due to the strong scent, you almost have to wear haz-mat gear. Now that I have made many different natural cleaners at home, I have wonderful options when doing daily chores.

I am careful about what touches our children’s skin {and mine, I tend to have sensitives toward chemicals} since some spray cleaners are extremely dangerous when you actually look at the ingredients. Not only for the skin, but if inhaled through the air. This Natural Spray Cleaner saves money and eases any health concerns.

DIY Natural Spray Cleaner- SWEET HAUTEIt is wonderful that you can achieve the same cleaning goals by using a naturally derived ingredient instead of man-made chemicals. Using them every now and again is fine, in a well ventilated area, and if you already purchased a wholesale size:) But really think about giving natural DIY products a try, it’s fun to create and choose you own scent in the process.

Today I am sharing the recipe that I made my DIY Natural Spray Cleaner out of. I hope that you find this tutorial helpful and inspirational to start DIY’ing some of your cleaners. Again, I’ve made so many natural DIY products and I am impressed and so happy with them that I keep trying new ways to incorporate DIY Natural Cleaner techniques.


Spray Bottle

-glass if possible

Washi Tape


1 Cup Vinegar (white distilled)

2 Cups Hot Water

Essential Oils

10 Drop of 1 single essential oil





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Step 1:

Mix together your Hot Water and Vinegar, add in your 8-10 drops Essential Oils.

Step 2:

Funnel mixture into a Spray Bottle.

Step 3:

Decorate with a label or some Washi Tape.

All Finished and ready to clean!


DIY Natural Spray Cleaning recipe tutorial- SWEET HAUTECustomize DIY Labels with Washi Tape

Natural DIY Spray Cleaner all purpose essential oils- SWEET HAUTEBe sure to check out the Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet for more organization and cleaning DIY tips and ideas!!

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Natural DIY Spray Cleaner all purpose essential oils- SWEET HAUTE


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  4. I love this post,it is really helpful! The ingredients are easy to find and they are actually available in anyone’s house.
    I’ll definitely have this one in our house.
    Thanks for sharing,your posts are really helpful

  5. This is the best -cheap, simple and green.Thank you do much for sharing!!!

  6. Kelly says: Reply

    I just bought a glass spray bottle for making a cleaning liquid. I will use your ideas. I think that green and natural is perfect for all cleaning and I look forward to trying this, thanks!

    1. Thank you for visiting!

  7. chrissy c says: Reply

    This is great especially because I love essential oils! Thanks for the idea!

    1. fantastic, me too. Thanks for visiting Chrissy

  8. Tim says: Reply


    1. thanks for visiting Tim

  9. Great solution – I know vinegar is great for cleaning but I absolutely abhor the scent in my home. Using an essential oil is a good idea, thanks!

    1. thanks for visiting, it works great!

  10. Melanie M. says: Reply

    Helpful for those with allergies.

    1. yes it is Melanie, thanks for visiting

  11. I want to try this out, as I worked in the housekeeping at a hospital. These sprays are worth me trying and checking out. I appreciate the review.

    1. I use it in the kitchen, bathroom as a surface disinfectant

  12. Lena P. says: Reply

    How cool! I’m new to using essential oils and never even thought of using them as homemade natural cleaners.

    1. yes, you can make so many home cleaners and skin care products with oils

  13. Cheryl Everitt says: Reply

    I am all into natural. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. you’re welcome Cheryl I hope that it’s helpful to you

  14. I have made this using peppermint in one bottle and thieves in another. I works great and smells so clean. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. oh great, yes I want to try Thieves one day too!

  15. Cheryl Everitt says: Reply

    I use this spray cleaner on everything. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks for visiting Cheryl

  16. tina gonzalez says: Reply

    thanks for sharing this great idea. love all natural anything

    1. thank you for visiting Tina

  17. Thanks for the ingredients; I am always looking for alternatives to chemicals and this looks simple enough.

    1. thanks for visiting

  18. This is awesome and would be so helpful! This is great while trying to stay away from so many harmful ingredients and chemicals!

    1. thank you, I agree….this recipe is still a favorite!!

  19. Stephanie says: Reply

    I already use vinegar to clean. I’ll have to try this.

    1. great idea me too, thanks for visiting

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