Gold Leaf DIY Thankful Tree

diy thankful tree tutorial sweet haute craft thanksgiving

The holidays have arrived. Thanksgiving is around the corner and here is something that you can make fast, inexpensively, and easily! This is my Gold Leaf DIY Thankful Tree Flower Arrangement, just perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. I literally curated, purchased, and made this beauty in one afternoon with supplies found at the dollar store, local retail […]

Fall Beauty Routine

beauty routine fall beauty picks

Fall is here and though it’s still pretty warm here, I like to incorporate Autumn colors into my beauty routine and my outfit style. Today I’m sharing my latest Fall Beauty Routine. Autumn hues are warm and cozy colors that are reminicent gorgeous sunsets, fireside nights, and autumn leaves that have fallen on the ground. […]

Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon

DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes- SWEET HAUTE

DIY Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon are perfect for the Fourth 4th of July parades, Veteran’s Day, and Memorial Day weekend parades. Here is some inspiration for this Veterans Day / Memorial Day Weekend/ 4th of July coming up, Patriotic Parade Bikes and Wagon for your next parade that you participate in. We found some […]

DIY All Purpose Natural Spray Cleaner

Natural DIY Spray Cleaner all purpose essential oils- SWEET HAUTE

How to make DIY Natural Spray Cleaner! Make your own cleaning products at home with natural ingredients. This Natural Spray Cleaner only needs 3 ingredients AND you probably already have them in your home! You can use this DIY Natural Spray Cleaner to replace any all purpose cleaner you have already in the home, it […]