Fall Beauty Routine

beauty routine fall beauty picks

Fall is here and though it’s still pretty warm here, I like to incorporate Autumn colors into my beauty routine and my outfit style. Today I’m sharing my latest Fall Beauty Routine. Autumn hues are warm and cozy colors that are reminicent gorgeous sunsets, fireside nights, and autumn leaves that have fallen on the ground. […]

Lavender Essential Oil Baby Bedtime Lotion

Learn how to easily make DIY Lavender Baby Bedtime Lotion for your little one!┬áThis organic all natural DIY Lavender Baby Bedtime Lotion using essential oils is amazing for babies after their relaxing baths. The good new is, it is really simple to make yourself…right now for tonight. This bedtime DIY lotion smells great, made of […]

Berry Blue Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub

Blue Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub

Blue Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub How to make berry Blue Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub! I love the smell of cotton candy… You can create so many scrumptiously scented blue cotton candy sugar scrub recipes DIY style right in your home kitchen. DIY Beauty and Skin Care Treatments are easy to make and are more affordable […]

Coconut Cucumber Facial Cleanser

Coconut Cucumber Facial Cleanser tutorial- SWEET HAUTE

How to make Coconut Cucumber DIY Facial Cleanser in your own kitchen. You may already have the ingredients you need to put together this organic alternative to traditional beauty treatments. I love organic coconut oil and I have been using it for a few years now…so I feel I am now a fan for life. […]

Dry DIY Shampoo 2 Ways

How to make DIY Dry Shampoo for either light or dark hair. This recipe includes great smelling ingredients with options using cocoa powder, cinnamon, and your choice of single essential oil. Improve the health of your hair and promote growth by freshening up your look after lunch, errands, or gym workout with this how to […]

Whipped DIY Body Butter

How to make a Whipped DIY Body Butter at home. This is a luscious, natural, quick and easy DIY Body Butter that I really love to use in my skin care regiment and on my young children. It is creamy, fluffy, and decadent:) You actually only need 3 ingredients for this tutorial, remember the less […]