DIY All Purpose Natural Spray Cleaner

Natural DIY Spray Cleaner all purpose essential oils- SWEET HAUTE

How to make DIY Natural Spray Cleaner! Make your own cleaning products at home with natural ingredients. This Natural Spray Cleaner only needs 3 ingredients AND you probably already have them in your home! You can use this DIY Natural Spray Cleaner to replace any all purpose cleaner you have already in the home, it […]

How to Clean a Refrigerator

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE

How to Clean a Refrigerator with DIY techniques! Keeping your refrigerator clean is important for sanitary reason as well as for your health. It is really important for you to use a natural cleaning agent to keep it squeaky clean. I’m sharing the process I use to clean our fridge and I hope you can […]

Lavender Essential Oil Baby Bedtime Lotion

Learn how to easily make DIY Lavender Baby Bedtime Lotion for your little one! This organic all natural DIY Lavender Baby Bedtime Lotion using essential oils is amazing for babies after their relaxing baths. The good new is, it is really simple to make yourself…right now for tonight. This bedtime DIY lotion smells great, made of […]