Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

uso color run okinawa camp lester

USO Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester Okinawa Are you thinking about doing the Color Blast 5K Run sponsored by the USO Okinawa? Here are a few hints and tips for those who have never done a color run prior to this. I really wish I would have known this before we did our first […]

Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber- Detox-Water Lime-Drink-- SWEET HAUTE

¬†How to make a Cucumber Detox Water at home in your own kitchen. Cucumber has a very inviting scent and it can help you in your efforts toward getting healthy. This is a Cucumber Detox Water recipe that you can DIY at home and it can be made in a snap! This cucumber water is […]

Spinning Style- Organized Fitness + Giveaway

For Spin class you need to have the essentials in your gym bag and the right attire. These picks are great for any type of workout and I threw in the sunglasses because I go to and from workouts with no make up on so I use sunglasses to protect my skin from the sun […]

Grape, Lime: Gym Style

Gym Style by SWEET HAUTE Here are a few options to keep in mind when heading to the gym….in style no doubt. These items are what I feel are some great ideas to get you started in the right direction. My favorites include music, with over-ear headphones to keep you motivated and energy levels high […]

Color Run coming to your town! {SWEET}

If you get the chance to run a Color Run, you should totally do it! No matter your age or fitness level, you should try and find one in your area! Check them out, do a search for Color Vibe or Color Run and see when might be in your town. Usually you can find […]