Dream Desk + Dream Job

desktop flat desk dream accessories - SWEET HAUTE

It’s been a BUSY week. Here’s to a new year and new year goals. It is a great idea to get yourself some organization tools, plan your new year, and set those plans in motion. My goals revolve around my family and my job this year, with a few personal fun goals sprinkled in here […]

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

pumpkin spice latte diy PSL

The Autumn and Winter seasons are perfect for an easy homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe #psl! Here is the recipe I made in order to enjoy this toasty warm beverage ‘DIY style’ right at home. You can use ingredients you already have in the house, especially with the holidays around the corner…you probably already have a can of […]

Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester

uso color run okinawa camp lester

USO Color Blast 5K Run- Camp Lester Okinawa Are you thinking about doing the Color Blast 5K Run sponsored by the USO Okinawa? Here are a few hints and tips for those who have never done a color run prior to this. I really wish I would have known this before we did our first […]

Shamrock Baby Cakes

Shamrock Baby Cakes cupcake St. Patrick's Day party food ideas tutorial- SWEET HAUTE

How to make tiny Shamrock Baby Cakes for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. These Shamrock Baby Cakes are simply cute baby sized cupcakes that are perfect to eat while drinking a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. These are a cool idea for events, parties, and dinners with a St. Patrick’s Day feel in the […]

Cafe Green Green

This Cafe is located near the Camp Foster area {behind} closet to the side of the Legion Gate and the Westpac Inn Lodge. You ‘must try’ Cafe Green Green! I dropped a pin when I went there so it would be easier to find it again… It is about 4 miles from the Chatan area. […]