Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet Challenge

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet: Remove, Sort, Live with Less

I first started my Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet Challenge with this post here, since then I broke down this process into a month of tasks to perform each day! Easy right? Wrong, getting organized is not physically ‘easy,’ especially when we are referring to the garage or basement. Those areas of the house are physically taxing, but the mental peace as a reward of clearing out the rarely used, irrelevant items in your home will make it worth your effort. This 31 Day Home Organizing Challenge is going to take time, maybe even more time than allotted, and it will take effort but if you stay focused on your goal then it will be completed before you know it. Adjust the timeline for larger tasks and make it work for you and your space, not everyone is going to have the same amount of work in each space. I love when my home is organized and this Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Diet Challenge has really helped me and my family keep on track throughout the year.

Let’s get organizing:)

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTELive with less.

Before we jump right in I want to say:
– do NOT stress out
– designate DONATE | TOSS | STORAGE bins
– remember De-cluttering = peace and harmony
– play music LOUD…enough to lift your energy
– set a timer | take breaks
– get the kids involved in smaller tasks to get them started early!
– drink water | remember to eat
– De-cluttering is your friend:), it’s time to live with less.


STEP 1 Take everything out  |  STEP 2 sort Donate/Toss/Storage  |  STEP 3 only replace necessary items. Simple 3 Step process.
Do these steps for every space, each day of the month.


DAY 1. Refrigerator | Deep Freezer | Freezer
How to Clean a Refrigerator
Organize into sections, label, and sort. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 2. Pantry Organization
DIY Natural Spray Cleaner
DAY 3. Laundry Room
Divide into zones. Label sorting stations. Clean and remove expire laundry agents.
Organizing and DIY ideas here and here.
DAY 4. Mud Room | Drop Zone
Take everything out, clean and sweep. Organizing DIY ideas here and here.
DAY 5. Linen Closet
Toss worn out, bleach spotted, hole torn towels and sheets. Donate linens you never use, only keep your favorites that you use all the time, or use for guest rooms. Live with less.
DAY 6. Kitchen
Only keep 1 set of dishes for the number of people in your family. Keep minimum amount of cups. Store extra sets for guests high up out of reach. Donate and toss clutter dishes, storage containers, and random items that have accumulated over the years. Live with less. Organize, label, and sort. DIY and organizing ideas here.
DAY 7. Garage
Get rid of expired lawn care and gardening items. Remove clutter that you are storing in there. Clean label, and sort. DIY and Organizing tips here and here.
DAY 8. {your choice}
computer, mail, finish prior days of week
DAY 9. First Aid | Medicine
We store our medicine, first aid, and supplements in a high kitchen cabinet. Out of reach of little hands. Organize, label, discard, sort. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 10. Diaper Bag | Back Packs | Handbag | Gym Bag
Remove everything. Clean and sort. Bag ideas here.

DAY 11. Living Room
Family rooms and living rooms might be in the heart of the home or be a sitting area by the front entrance. Remove everything that doesn’t belong there, unnecessary items.
DAY 12. Vehicles
Take out everything. Clean and bring things back into house.
DAY 13. Command Center
Toss paper clutter, take everything out. Only replace necessary items. Organizing and DIY ideas here.
DAY 14. Personal Care Items | Makeup
Discard expired personal hygiene products and items you never use. Sort, label, and organize.
DIY and organizing ideas here.
DAY 15. Cleaning Collective | Products
Organize and label where everything belongs. Toss expired cleaning supplies and products. Organizing ideas here.
Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE
DAY 16. {your choice}
spice cabinet, cosmetics, finish prior days of week
DAY 17. Office | Desk
Organize paperwork, get rid of old and make room for new. Label and sort.
DIY and organizing ideas here.
DAY 18. Dining Room | Breakfast Room
Remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Designate space for dishes, decor, and storage.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 19. Junk Drawers
Empty entire drawers. Add dividers and label them. Organize the clutter.
DIY and Organizing ideas here.
DAY 20. Night Stands
Clean out and organize. Only replace items that are needed.

DAY 21. Creative Space
Only keep things you absolutely need, difficult for bloggers. Organize, label, designate.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 22. Media Room
Clean out broken DVDs and games. Only keep items that are used all the time. Store the rest.
Put everything back where it belongs in house.

DAY 23. Closet
Donate clothes and shoes that do not fit, have shrunk, out of style. Toss clothes that are decrepit.
Try and keep 40-60 items total per season. Difficult, I know.
DAY 24. {your choice}
jewllery, sock drawer, finish prior day of week
DAY 25. Toys
Remove all toys, only have 4 toys out per child. Donate toys, toss broken, store the rest out of reach of little hands.
DAY 26. Dresser Drawers
Clean out and toss all underwear that is worn out, socks, and shirts with holes/stains. Try and keep only 10 pairs of sock/underwear per person.
Organizing ideas here.
DAY 27. Paper | Files | Photos
Only keep papers you absolutely need, file them. Photo clear out computer and electronics of images you do not want or need.
DAY 28. Accessories
Donate accessories you do not use or need. Keep only the accessories you adore.
DAY 29. Books | Magazines | Catalogs
Toss expired catalogs, clip pages out of magazines and file. Donate/sell books you’ve already read or still have not read….for years.
DAY 30. Kid’s Closets
Empty closets and donate unnecessary, old, small clothes. Only keep favorites.
Try and keep only 14 sets of clothes per child, instead of 85.
Organizing DIY ideas here.
DAY 31. Bathrooms
Organize, sort, and label bathroom cabinets. Toss expired item, donate unnecessary bathroom accessories.

Have fun with it, remember your end goal:)

You’re on your way to organized home bliss!

Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE3 Steps to Live with Less

It’s time to live with less, you will be able to save time and energy this way.
You will be able to find things quicker, spend less time cleaning, and spend more time doing the things you love to do….the things that matter.

Just follow the 3 Steps and repeat for each space, everyday of the month for the home Detoxification diet and you will be done in no time. Remember to set a reasonable amount of time on a timer and when the timer goes off, either take a break or stop and move on to the next part of your routine.
Trust me that you will feel much better, your family will feel calmer and relaxed, and you will be thrilled with the results….and the dividends thereafter.
Home Organizing 31 Day Detox Live with Less- SWEET HAUTE

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  1. vikki says: Reply

    I am working on getting organized. I used to be super organized and lived a minimalist lifestyle. Then I married my wonderful packrat hubby. Love him, but oh my goodness, I have fallen off the organization wagon. But I am trying at least to get back my own areas and leave him to his. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Vikki you’re welcome, hope it is helpful for you! Funny how husband’s come with pack-rat habits sometimes {actually not so fun or funny}. I am constantly organizing behind the kids and husband….
      Thank you so much for visiting!!!

  2. Kelly says: Reply

    Great ideas, and a schedule that could be kept! I am a bit of a hoarder, so I could use this to help organize my life. Then maybe a big garage sale, so that others could benefit from my purge.

    1. Thanks Kelly, yes I tried to use a realistic timeline

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  4. Carol Nine says: Reply

    I love how you broke down the tasks into such small areas. Organizing is very overwhelming when you first look at all you have to do. It really motivates you when you tell yourself you will take one area per day. I found myself finishing an area and then wanting to do more, but I didn’t want to burn out to quickly, so I took my time to finish the entire house. It really works!

    1. Thanks for visiting Carol, this list helps out a lot

  5. Allyson Bossie says: Reply

    I don’t know if I could detox my body for 30 days (if you mean like a juice detox) however, I am down for the house detox. Clean that clutter out!

    1. that’s what I’m talking about!! good luck Allyson

  6. debbie says: Reply

    fantastic ideas and Im going to print your list out and tck it to the fridege and tick it off as I go thanks for the ideas

    1. Ok great, good luck Debbie

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    1. thanks for posting my article

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  9. Whitney says: Reply

    Wow, this looks nice, my room is forever messy but the rest of my house is clean lol i really need to try this

    1. thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK

  10. I applaud you for taking this on! It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate when living in a home. I’ve always thought that you never really know how much you have until you move. I think annual purging is a must to keep sanity!

    1. right on! thanks for visiting Tanya

  11. Hubby calls me a packrat, but he is so much worse than I am. I finally got his tools out of the house, but now I have to start on my stuff. Craft supplies are the worst! I’m trying to organize.

    1. LOL ok well this list should help, good luck!

  12. Thank you so much for this.. i knew what i had to do but this just made my life easier. i was always wondering where to start and this was just a whole lot better than my own list. lol!

    1. thank you for visiting Rachel

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    1. thanks for featuring my post

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  15. jennifer peters says: Reply

    I really need to organizing & remove some stuff from my house. we are not out of storage so it is time. But I love to keep stuff that “one day I might need that” or that item “reminds me of the time”.. It won’t be easy but this will surely help!!

    1. Jennifer good luck with your process and thank you for visiting!

  16. clojo9372 says: Reply

    you are a life saver! i am pretty organized when it comes to office things and computer stuff, but with physical house items. i am such a mess. so much stuff, so little space. a good cleaning/organizing schedule is just what i needed! 🙂

    1. good luck, I really hope this is helpful to you in more ways than one:)

  17. Rachel says: Reply

    This is great! I need these great tips!!!!

    1. thank you so much for visiting and good luck with your process…

  18. Linda Szymoniak says: Reply

    Oh, you have no idea how badly I need to get my house organized. Of course, I’ve never been (and never will be) as much of a hoarder as my mother-in-law (she actually had a court order from her town to get her house cleaned up or they were going to condemn it). However, I find that there is just too much clutter, and when I try to clear something out, another family member just brings in more. It’s frustrating. I think I need to live alone with my dogs and cat. I’d have a lot less clutter.

    1. I wish you much good luck in getting your organizing projects done….it is well worth the work!

  19. I was looking forward to a detox diet and was surprised when I found it was to clean. I am afraid that I am a hoarder and end up with extra at the end.

    1. Yes this is a home organizing plan with ideas to clean and declutter your home.

  20. Sara Theissen says: Reply

    Oh gosh! It is spring cleaning time, isn’t it?

    1. yes, it’s a great time to get started….happy organizing

  21. Rajee Pandi says: Reply

    I need to learn

    1. thanks for stopping by

  22. Cheryl Everitt says: Reply

    I love the idea of doibng one thing at a time. So often I start on something and before you know it I get sidetracked, therefore never finishing a task completey.

    1. this list make is easy and takes organizing to a doable level….working toward your goal

  23. Amy Green says: Reply

    I love your methods of being organized. The tip about playing music is a must. I don’t know how I could handle big cleaning jobs without it!

    1. Amy we love our music….chores in our house are the main times we rock out!!

  24. I like the idea of getting things done, a little at a time. I do usually try to get small sections of things done on a day by day basis.

    1. yes, step by step Amy

  25. I have lots of things to organize because I live in a university residence during the school year, and when the Summer comes I have to take all my things back home.
    This year I’m doing a bit a day and it’s way easier. My problem is always the lack of space.
    I don’t keep things I don’t use: old papers, worn out clothes… so I don’t have a lot to get rid of. But I keep some things I use less, like games and electronics, and you gave me some ideas.
    I have to take some things from one room to another. And get some boxes to make better use of some spaces.

    1. Good luck Patricia, thank you for stopping by!

  26. elenK says: Reply

    I am down for the house detox!!! Clean that clutter out! 😉

    1. thank you for stopping by, good luck!

  27. Judith Martinez says: Reply

    This is a great list! I’m decluttering as I unpack and then I have to figure out what furniture we need to store what’s left. We are starting over from scratch and on a tight budget so I want to reduce before I store.

    1. thanks for visiting Judith

  28. sihem says: Reply

    GREAT schedule

    1. thank you for visiting!

  29. Great tips! It is very helpful. I love the detailing of everything of planning. I have that similar thing when it comes to reorganizing and redecorating.

    1. thank you for visiting Samantha!

  30. tammy ohagan says: Reply

    This is so inspiring! I think I will have to get started on this Monday!

    1. thank you Tammy for visiting! good luck…

  31. Melissa Craig says: Reply

    great schedual, we just did a total detox in October when we moved to our new house, we had 15 years of stuff to sort and get rid of as we downsized from a 4 bedroom 2 car garage to a 2 bedroom one car garage, and we actually downsized more than needed, I am happy to say a lot less clutter and we had one heck of a garage sale, plus got to donate 3 car loads!

    1. thank you for visiting Melissa

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